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Functional ingredients

Anti-Acne & Sebum Normalizing

Anti-Acne & Sebum Normalizing
Anti-Acne & Sebum Normalizing
No. Product Name INCI Name or
Chemical Name
Property Remark PDF
1 Acsol TTO-WS Water soluble tea tree oil Anti-inflammatory Active
2 Acsol Salix Salicylic acid Anti-Acne BHA
3 Acsol Salix BT Betaine Salicylate Anti-Acne BHA
4 Acsol Salix Alba Ext. Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract Anti-Acne BHA
5 Acsol Lupeol Lupeol Anti-Acne Active
6 Acsol AZC90 Azelaic acid Anti-inflammatory Export only, Assay: ≥90.0%
7 Acsol GLC Glycolic acid Anti-Acne AHA
8 Acsol LTC Lactic acid Anti-Acne AHA
9 SFG PCA-Zn20 Zinc PCA Sebum regulator, expected to be used extensively not only as a means of suppressing sebum, but also as an ingredient for oily skin and anti-acne products in formulation.
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